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The Art Of Curation

Sharing my experience and knowledge about curation

Curation, a beginner’s goal. Even I had the same goal in mind when I joined medium in March 2020. I was a beginner at medium and possessed average writing skills. I loved telling stories verbally and verbally it would be easier to express emotions, but in writing, my stories weren’t as interesting as they were verbal. Published my first story in April 2020, but because of many flaws, I had to remove it. I republished the same story in June, minimizing the flaws in it. Personally, I thought my story was very good, and it deserved to be curated. I shared it as much as I could on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Few days later, “not distributed in topics” appeared which broke my heart. I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that my story wasn’t curated. Little did I know, I had a lot to learn. I wrote a few more articles, tried to give my best. Asked my readers and senior writers to suggest to me how to improve. Readers told me you should write straight to the point instead of filling in useless content. Whereas senior writers suggested I work on the formatting and read more of their articles.

“Which format are they talking about? How can I improve it ? ”

These questions swirled in my mind. I read their articles and tried to understand which format they were talking about. After a few days, I met a cooperative senior writer on Facebook. He had amazing achievements which beginners like me could only dream of. I contacted him privately and asked for his suggestions. He also suggested that I work on the format and shared his well-formatted articles and told me to check articles from famous writers. As every writer has a unique writing style.

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. ~ Colin Powell

Beginners mostly lose hope quickly when they don’t achieve results as soon as possible. I did too, but I will improve myself and improve my writing skills & abilities. Previously as I mentioned I understood which format they were talking about, but after reading formatting articles I also understood how I can improve my article’s format.

Keep that in mind, I was not that consistent with publishing articles and by this time I had only five articles out of which I published 4 (one was submitted to publication but got rejected later). In 4 months after my start, I got a triple curation. The publication “The Startup” even offered me to be their writer. They rejected me when I applied, but accepted me on curated articles.

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Lessons I learnt :

  1. Formatting matters. You need to format your articles in a proper structure. It helps develop interest in the reader’s mind and makes it easier to read. A good formatted article is visually appealing.
  2. Precise and accurate content. This means that you should write your article straight to the point. No need to fill in useless content as it will affect readers’ interest. Focus on excellent quality content.
  3. Ignore all other factors. You don’t have to worry about reach of the article or content length. Just do your best and work hard.
  4. Accept the flaws. To improve, embrace the mistakes and flaws of the article. Be open to criticism as it will help you learn more and improve more.
  5. No grammatical errors. There are many softwares you can use to avoid grammatical errors.

One day when I was talking to my friend regarding his programming articles, he suggested I write a technical article as I knew programming. I had that idea before, but I thought Nah. He convinced me to try. I gave an entire day to this article and completed it quickly than expected. I kept all the points in mind and I came up with the article “Transforming Programming Skills: Basics ”.

I published this article on 24th July at 4 am, after which I slept and woke in the evening. As usual, I opened medium phone app to check the stats, and I noticed I had 40 views. For a beginner like me, I rarely get 20 views in a day and 40 views OMG that was too much. In the state graph, I saw it said “distributed”. I started jumping with joy and told every family member that my article got curated.

After that I learnt how formatting can get you curation or rejection by curators. Headlines and titles also come in formatting. If not a worthy title then it might be rejected from curators too.

Even though it isn’t shining as much as I expected, but I got curated at least !

I hope you learn from my experience and my curated article. I will surely pray that all the beginners achieve excellent results as soon as possible. But keep working hard, as hard work always pays off !

Though it might be delayed, but it pays off !

If you own this story, you get to write its ending. — Brene Brown

You can check out my triple curated story. The link is below:

Account Managed By Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, Author of The Dumb Detective