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I Tried Changing My Diet And Daily Routine. Here’s What Happened.

It’s been 4 days since I started dieting, working out at home and changing my daily routine. These are the results.

Around two weeks ago, I realized I was unhappy. My daily routine was improper, which was affecting my physical and mental state. I was gaining weight on a regular basis because of multiple reasons such as stress eating and less activity level. I used to play table tennis but after I got enrolled in university; I left table tennis, which affected my activeness. Moreover, the pandemic made me lazier than ever.

My friend gave me multiple advice, and one of them struck my mind. He told me,

“You should find happiness within yourself instead of looking for happiness in others. Try investing time in yourself. Self love is also important.”

This advice encouraged me to work for myself. I planned to be on a diet, work out at home and change my daily routine from improper to a proper one. So one day I sat down and wrote the entire plan for 30 days. If you want to learn about my plan, you can read it.

I changed the plan just when I worked out for the first time. I was able to do abs and legs workout only so I excluded arms from the plan. My calories intake was around 1500 maximum. My maintenance calories were around 2100, so the intake was quite less, which guaranteed weight loss.

I will carry on the same routine and workout till 30 days and currently it has been only 4 days. I want to show how this workout changed me physically and mentally.

Physical Changes After 4 Days Of Workout:

I am so shocked because of a physical change in few days. I didn’t expect any change at all in 4 days because as I saw and heard, it’s super rare to get any physical changes in 4 days. I initially weighed 84, just a day before my diet and workout routine started.

I wake up in the morning, drink a few glasses of water, then after half an hour I begin my home workout for legs and abs.

On 25th of Feb, 10:45 pm I just checked my weight because even minute reading motivates me. Staying dedicated is very tough for a guy like me, when it comes to such diet and workout.

I have lost 2 kgs in just 4 days. OMG! Like I can’t even believe, I feel like I’m dreaming. Around 5 lbs lost in 4 days. There are no major changes in my body, I can’t see any. So I believe there are not much visible changes, but after my haircut and beard cut, my face structure has improved.

Mind Improvement:

The most important improvement for me is my mental state improvement. I have been really active as compared to before. My daily routine is becoming proper. I am still struggling with maintaining the new routine, but it is significantly better than my improper routines.

I am becoming good at organizing and managing myself as well as utilizing time properly. My mind isn’t revolving around negative thoughts like it used to as I'm engaging it in different activities. Though there is some time when I am alone, negative thoughts automatically pop up in my mind.

Overall, this routine and workout has improved me mentally and physically. But of course the physical changes happen slowly with time. So I have to be patient.

For those who are struggling with their diets or workouts, I know you will do it well! All you need is a source of motivation. And for those who are planning to work on themselves, Just Do It as soon as possible. You shouldn’t wait, all it would do is waste time if you wait. Self love is very important.

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