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Most of the people don’t research before they work as a freelancer, whether it is part-time or full-time. Similarly, I didn’t research about it, I just wanted to make a couple of bucks with the knowledge I possessed. By the time I joined freelancing platforms, I was completing my CAIE A level. So I possessed a knowledge of high school student, we can say. I didn’t have a specialization in any field.

Why I joined freelancing platforms?

The real reason was, as I mentioned above, to make a few dollars so I can spend them wherever I want to. …

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On 10th April 2020, before midnight I was so excited that it is my birthday tomorrow. I was expecting that my cousins or relatives will come at our place and we will have a good celebration. As on my sister’s birthday, all my cousins came and we celebrated her birthday really well.

At midnight, my father bought a cake and our small family of four celebrated my birthday. I got birthday wishes on social media, as time passed by.

When I woke up, I saw there were many people who texted me wishing me a good happy birthday and it…

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Everyone has a unique taste in music, similarly, everyone has a distinct taste in movies. Personally, I like emotional movies with a good storyline, not every emotional story has a good storyline, and not every good storyline movie is emotional.

1. Seven Pounds (2008)

A movie which received a rating of 7.6 on IMDb.

One of the most emotional movies I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Will Smith was the main character of the movie. He kept a heart breaking secret with himself. The guilt of what happened because of his mistake made him sad. …

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As time goes on, we notice regular changes in the world of technology. Just as the transition from hefty super computers to handheld devices, there has been quite a change in programming industry as well. From the first programming language, FORTRAN, to one of the most recent programming languages, Rust.

When you are born in this world, your surroundings attract you whether it is a hobby, an item or a person. Many who are attracted to technology develop an interest in programming. …

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Before we hop into signals, we should know what data is. Data is a set of information that is collected through observation of different variables. There are two types of processing; changing signal according to the requirement and secondly how to take out the useful data from the signal.

An applied physicist uses a mathematical model to develop a set of equations which lead to the solution of the practical problem. They then provide the solution to an engineer who uses it to solve the problems.


Signal is a represented by a function in signals & systems. A signal carries…

Do you have an ideal body in your mind? Sometimes you are inspired by hardworking individuals, and sometimes it’s just a goal of achieving an ideal physique. Personally, I am inspired by my cousin. I have watched him transition from slim guy to a sexy muscular guy. The body he has attained is what I wish to attain as well, but the amount of efforts he put for maintaining his body is too large.

There are multiple occasions when a person decides to bring a change in his life. Whether it is about character development or developing his physical body…

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Around two weeks ago, I realized I was unhappy. My daily routine was improper, which was affecting my physical and mental state. I was gaining weight on a regular basis because of multiple reasons such as stress eating and less activity level. I used to play table tennis but after I got enrolled in university; I left table tennis, which affected my activeness. Moreover, the pandemic made me lazier than ever.

My friend gave me multiple advice, and one of them struck my mind. He told me,

“You should find happiness within yourself instead of looking for happiness in others…

Are you fed up of wasting money during this pandemic? Are you looking for ways to multiply your money? Are you looking for tips on how to make a successful business out of stock trading?

Before you hop into stock trading, let me guide you. Your inexperience might lead you to losses, but my tips can lead you to the right direction. My tips, based on my personal experiences, will help you step on the track of profits whether they are minor or major. Because something is better than nothing.

What is Stock Trading? Why I tried stock trading?

Let’s understand the literal meaning of “Stock Trading” as it…

Our joint family parted in 2018. Everything in my life changed, my routine, my hobbies and myself. I used to go outside, to play different outdoor games with my friends in the street. Sometimes we used to play cricket and sometimes it was soccer, it totally depended on majority votes. I was active, but as we shifted to apartments. I stopped going outside. I used to miss my old friends. As I lacked confidence, it was harder for me to get to know others.

In the beginning of 2019, my university started. I had to leave the most important thing…

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Upbringing have a powerful effect on character development of a child, and so do their own perspectives. A child who has gone through a soft environment or developed a kind heart because of their mindset, mostly turns out to be emotionally sensitive.

Being emotionally sensitive isn’t as good as it seems.

Before we further hop into those specific three habits, let’s understand what emotionally sensitive means?

I am a sensitive guy. I believe emotionally sensitive people are those who cannot understand their own emotional experiences and are way too much sensitive that take most of the things personally. …

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