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Most of the people don’t research before they work as a freelancer, whether it is part-time or full-time. Similarly, I didn’t research about it, I just wanted to make a couple of bucks with the knowledge I possessed. By the time I joined freelancing platforms, I was completing my CAIE A level. So I possessed a knowledge of high school student, we can say. I didn’t have a specialization in any field.

Why I joined freelancing platforms?

The real reason was, as I mentioned above, to make a few dollars so I can spend them wherever I want to. …

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As time passes, you become older. Your mind and thinking capabilities develop. You are more mature than before, and many people realize that they aren’t happy anymore.

Mostly, it is because you think about everything from a different perspective.

Before your mind was developed, you didn’t think about everything at all. But now you do, it’s a skill you gained after you became more mature.

You can relate this with games in which when your character levels up, they gain a special attribute or skill. Sometimes the new attribute or skill isn’t really a good one and you regret leveling…

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Cryptocurrency trading has spiked a lot recently. From youngsters to seniors, everyone is trying to earn some extra money through cryptocurrency trading. But many beginners do not understand how to do cryptocurrency trading effectively, as they don’t have the proper knowledge about cryptocurrency.

In order to be good at cryptocurrency trading, have a proper understanding about cryptocurrency, its related term and how the cryptocurrency market operates. I would suggest any beginner to what YouTube videos regarding cryptocurrency and crypto trading as it will enhance your knowledge.

The more you learn, the more chances of making a profit.

Cryptocurrency experts have…

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Are you the one who just invested in Bitcoin because someone you know made a vast amount of profit? Or maybe you are the one who invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies because you saw that their worth was suddenly skyrocketing. In these cases, most of the investors don’t have proper knowledge of how cryptocurrency works. They are just eying on the profit that their close one made or the price increase of different cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the lack of knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the pros & cons of investing in it leads to a vast amount of loss.

What To Avoid:

After knowing…

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Before we hop into how the worth of Bitcoin went down, you can read how I explained why a person shouldn’t invest in cryptocurrency.

In the article, I made two points as per my knowledge and experience. First of all, the individuals influence on the cryptocurrency market and second, the unstable market. These were two of the major reasons I would suggest a person to not invest in cryptocurrency.

How Bitcoin Worth Decreased?

Recently two real-life events have caused a drastic decrease in the worth of Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies as well. …

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From the beginning I was an average student with low retention and grasping skills. My friends would learn and understand all the concepts faster than compared to me. I used to try very hard so I could beat my friends.

In school, education is like a tournament where every student is competing against each other to get good marks and secure good ranks. If you are within the Top 3, they will probably remember you more than students below the top 3 ranks. At home, parents don’t realize how they are being a bad influence on their child. Specially when…

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Nowadays, as we all know, the worth of different cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing. Cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Cardano, had an unexpected rise in their price per USD. Such rises in the cryptocurrency market have gathered many individuals to invest in all cryptocurrencies, whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or less popular ones such as Cardano.

Apart from earning money through cryptocurrency trading, there is no specific need of investing in it. What if the investment results in a loss and the net profit of the investment is in the negative range?

Here is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t invest in…

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Many wish for a luxurious lifestyle, many wish for peaceful life, many wish for everlasting relationships, similarly there are many people who wish for happiness as well. Unfortunately, not everyone can identify if the happiness of their close one is fake or real. Even if they try to ask them, they fail to obtain the correct answer.

Sometimes a person isn’t comfortable sharing how he/she feels from the inside. They might feel insecure when sharing their secrets or how they feel. Sharing doesn’t guarantee that you will feel better. Sometimes sharing doesn’t help as well.

How can a person be content then?

Happiness is a temporary feeling…

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Cryptocurrency market has spiked a lot recently, especially when Elon Musk bought $1.5 Billion of Bitcoin, the overall worth of Bitcoin skyrocketed to around $62,000 per Bitcoin. The current price of Bitcoin is $57,190 per Bitcoin. Moreover, there was an increase in other cryptocurrencies as well, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin.

Nowadays everyone is attracted to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading is becoming a source of income for many more than it used to before. Even the least popular cryptocurrency is helping people earn money. In the future, the world will run on cryptocurrency as it is a digital currency. …

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While I was talking to my female friend about life, she shared her crazy thought. She said, “I want to live in a world without men”. I raised an eyebrow because I’ve never had such a unique thought. She further added, “Most of the females, wish to live in a world without men”. “But why?”, this generated in my mind. I wanted to ask my female friend but decided to find the answer on my own.

But Why?

A question which was swirling around in my mind. I needed to find the answer desperately. But how am I supposed to do that…

Syed Zaidi

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