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Most of the people don’t research before they work as a freelancer, whether it is part-time or full-time. Similarly, I didn’t research about it, I just wanted to make a couple of bucks with the knowledge I possessed. By the time I joined freelancing platforms, I was completing my CAIE A level. So I possessed a knowledge of high school student, we can say. I didn’t have a specialization in any field.

Why I joined freelancing platforms?

The real reason was, as I mentioned above, to make a few dollars so I can spend them wherever I want to. …

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Many wish for a luxurious lifestyle, many wish for peaceful life, many wish for everlasting relationships, similarly there are many people who wish for happiness as well. Unfortunately, not everyone can identify if the happiness of their close one is fake or real. Even if they try to ask them, they fail to obtain the correct answer.

Sometimes a person isn’t comfortable sharing how he/she feels from the inside. They might feel insecure when sharing their secrets or how they feel. Sharing doesn’t guarantee that you will feel better. Sometimes sharing doesn’t help as well.

How can a person be content then?

Happiness is a temporary feeling…

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Cryptocurrency market has spiked a lot recently, especially when Elon Musk bought $1.5 Billion of Bitcoin, the overall worth of Bitcoin skyrocketed to around $62,000 per Bitcoin. The current price of Bitcoin is $57,190 per Bitcoin. Moreover, there was an increase in other cryptocurrencies as well, such as Ethereum, Dogecoin.

Nowadays everyone is attracted to cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading is becoming a source of income for many more than it used to before. Even the least popular cryptocurrency is helping people earn money. In the future, the world will run on cryptocurrency as it is a digital currency. …

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While I was talking to my female friend about life, she shared her crazy thought. She said, “I want to live in a world without men”. I raised an eyebrow because I’ve never had such a unique thought. She further added, “Most of the females, wish to live in a world without men”. “But why?”, this generated in my mind. I wanted to ask my female friend but decided to find the answer on my own.

But Why?

A question which was swirling around in my mind. I needed to find the answer desperately. But how am I supposed to do that…

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Y’all must be familiar with the word, “Ramadan". You might not know what it means, but may have heard it from your Muslim friends, relatives or family members. Or maybe from different television channels.

Ramadan, The Month Of Fasting:

Ramadan is also known as the month of fasting. It is the 9th month of the Islamic year. Throughout this month, muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from dusk till dawn for around 30 days. Muslims have a pre-fast meal known as suhur before sunrise and a post-fast meal known as iftar at sun fall to break the fast.

Ramadan And Fitness:

As we all know…

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Each and every programmer, beginner or even expert, wishes to possess the best skill set from the very beginning. Some learn these skills through their experience in the industry and some through senior’s advises. There is a list of things which programmers wish they knew earlier to get them a head-start in the programming industry.

1. Degree Isn’t Necessary But Knowledge Is

There are many programmers who haven’t graduated in a degree related to computer science, software engineering or IT but they managed to secure good jobs in well-known firms around the world. …

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You must’ve heard about Forex Trading through advertisements on different social medias and YouTube. These advertisements portray that you can easily earn money from home, just by Forex Trading and some show that different individuals became very rich, only by Forex Trading. Watching such advertisements develops your interest in Forex Trading, there is a greedy side of everyone who just wants to earn money so they can spend on luxuries of life.

The real question is, “Is it as easy as it seems on advertisements?”.

If you are a beginner or intermediate, I would suggest you not to choose Forex…

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You must’ve heard these two words “Islam” or “Muslim”, most commonly in news channels where it is used along with the word “terrorism/terrorist”. If a person has a beard, spreading terrorism through various attacks and speaks a language (mostly arabic) unfamiliar to you, then that person is considered a Muslim terrorist killing in the name of Islam. Moreover there is a special case for the Muslims community, if a single person from their community is a bad person, then every single member of Muslims community is called a terrorist. …

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During this pandemic, there has been quite a drastic increase in the gaming industry as well as concurrent players of each game. Most of the people in quarantine gave preference to gaming over any other hobby. Many began a new career in the gaming industry either by streaming their gameplays or producing videos regarding gaming genre.

There were a few games that gathered the most concurrent players and a big audience during this pandemic. These games include;

  1. Among Us
  2. Fall Guys
  3. Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO)
  4. Valorant
  5. Warzone

Birth Of The Two Rivals:

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Everyone has a unique taste in music, similarly, everyone has a distinct taste in movies. Personally, I like emotional movies with a good storyline, not every emotional story has a good storyline, and not every good storyline movie is emotional.

1. Seven Pounds (2008)

A movie which received a rating of 7.6 on IMDb.

One of the most emotional movies I’ve ever watched in my entire life. Will Smith was the main character of the movie. He kept a heart breaking secret with himself. The guilt of what happened because of his mistake made him sad. …

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